Providing help for those issues that you haven’t been able to resolve

I’ve suffered childhood abuse

Guiding you to explore, resolve and transform the issues arising from childhood trauma.

I’ve suffered abuse in adulthood

Never downplay abuse in adulthood, abuse is abuse at the end of the day and I’m here help.

I get angry

It’s ok to be angry, it’s what you do next that’s important, helping you to express your anger safely.

I’m anxious

A little anxiety is good, too much can feel crippling and affect your life, let’s change the way you view life.

I have OCD

OCD is all about safety and control, help is here to negate your reliance on obsessive compulsions to get the safety you need from within.

I lack confidence

We are not born with confidence, but we can learn how to handle any situation with ease.

I get depressed

Life can be hard and it can feel like you are swimming against the tide, giving you the help to allow you to begin to thrive in your life.

I have fears

Phobias are scary and hold us back from enjoying our life, learn how to conquer your fears once and for all.

I have low self esteem

How we see ourselves plays a big part in how we progress through life, helping you to change the way you feel, act, think and behave.

I get panic attacks

Assisting you to react healthily to those triggers that would previously have stopped you in your tracks.

Men – let’s talk!

Why is it so important for men to feel they can talk openly about their feelings? Let’s explore the reasons why.

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