My Mission Statement

My company, Nicole Huthwaite Therapy exists to make a transformational difference to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of my clients by providing a safe, secure place to explore, undo and free themselves from damaging and limiting issues.

Nicole Huthwaite Therapy may help with...


Giving you a confidential and safe space to explore and express your feelings, thoughts and behaviours as a result of childhood or adult abuse. Learn more about my proven therapy to transform your life.


No one can see the pain you feel inside, sometimes it is an effort to even put one foot out of your bed in the morning, discover the many options available to help you with this life altering issue.

Low Confidence

When you find yourself limited by low confidence/low self-esteem, you can often feel that you will never be able to live the life you want, learn how to free yourself to take your life in any direction you want.

Fears and Phobias

Fears are painful, limiting and all encompassing, maybe your fears stop you doing things you want to, delight in finding out how possible it is to remove these long standing fears in a just a few sessions.

Weight Loss

Sick and tired of the diet merry go round of losing weight only to put it back on again? Explore with me the eight easy steps to obtaining the body of your dreams, no struggles, no diets, all natural.

Stopping Smoking

Think it’s hard to quit smoking? think again, think it’s painful? think again, think you need tons of willpower? think again – click here to find the quickest, easiest, most natural way of moving away from your nicotine addiction.