Personal development, coaching and guidance sessions

I felt really supported and guided, for the first time I had the confidence to make the changes I needed. It felt great knowing I could run anything past Nicole and get impartial help and advice

What is personal coaching ?

An ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations. Through the process, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

Acquiring a skill is not the end of learning, learning to do something new often requires, not only the technical skill but also the personal skills needed to carry out the task, for example; it’s okay having a fantastic product if you’re too scared to sell it!

The field of coaching, mentoring, guidance and development can be very confusing, particularly in the area of coaching and mentoring and because the different areas can often merge in some way, this only adds to the confusion.

The common thread uniting all types of coaching, mentoring, guidance, and development is that these services offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the client to achieve success in one more areas of their life or work.

  • Guiding: the process of directing an individual or a group along the path leading from present state to a desired state.
  • Coaching: helping another person to improve awareness, to set and achieve goals in order to improve a particular behavioural performance.
  • Teaching: helping an individual or group develop cognitive skills and capabilities.
  • Mentoring: helping to shape an individual’s beliefs and values in a positive way; often a longer term career relationship from someone who has ‘done it before’.
  • Therapy: helping an individual to improve performance by resolving issues that are more deep rooted and require a different type of intervention.

Personal development coaching, and guidance will consist of the following;

  • One-to-one developmental discussions aimed at specific issues/areas.
  • It identifies and provides people with feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A supportive and motivating environment to explore the needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making lasting personal growth & change.
  • Assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board to their experiences, will allow the individual the personal space and support they need to grow and develop.
  • Sessions will be taken entirely from the individual’s perspective.
  • It is a relatively short-term activity, although it can be carried on for a longer term ongoing support relationship.
  • It is essentially a non-directive, guiding form of development. It focuses on improving performance and developing/enhancing individuals skills.
  • It is used to address a wide range of issues.
  • Personal issues may be discussed but the emphasis is on performance at work.